what is a life coach, when to work with a life coach, how to hire a life coach

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Here’s the thing: coaching is my life’s work. I am incredibly passionate about the power of working with a great coach - and I also see a lack of clarity in the marketplace around what a coach actually is.

I’ve been coaching for the past three years, have my ACC accreditation with the ICF, have worked behind the scenes with some of the biggest coaches and a major coach training company, and I often partner with the International Coaching Federation to weigh in on millennial mindset. I know the coaching world. But I know that for those of you who are new to coaching, it can be confusing.

Over the next week and a half, I’m walking you through everything you need to know to make an informed decision about hiring a coach or becoming a coach.

I’m answering the questions I get in my inbox and DMs every single day so that you all have access to the answers anytime you need them.

  • What do life coaches do?

  • How do you become a coach?

  • How much does hiring a coach cost?

  • What can I expect?

  • How do I know a coach is legit?

  • Is life coaching as glamorous of a business as it seems?

  • I’m a new coach - how do I find clients? How do I build a business? How do I go full time? How do I (insert the blank)?

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So how do you get access to the real info on coaching? Keep scrolling!

what is coaching, what does a life coach do

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  • March 26: What do coaches do (and what they definitely DON’T do!)?

  • March 27: How and when to hire a coach for yourself.

  • March 28: How to become a coach (and the only program I recommend!).