Leap Year

An internal workshop for innovative companies to help their most ambitious women design a 12 month roadmap for their unique personal and professional development.

Laura’s work is exactly what Girlboss and the Lean In movement are missing - practical and tangible ways for women to see change in their careers. Laura’s life experience and wisdom sets the stage for women to find the tools they need to be successful without the nonsense of listicals and inspirational quotes.
— Elissa D. COO at Huxly
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Leap Year workshop will:

  • Build up confidence of female employees by helping

    them clarify their career goals and create their own

    personal growth plan within the organization.

  • Expand personal and professional development beyond

    the C Suite to create leaders within every role, at every


  • Immerse attendees in a high impact coaching

    experience that teaches them basic coaching skills so

    they can manage & communicate more effectively.

  • Encourage a company wide cultural shift to

    acknowledge and utilize the strengths of its people.

At The Well Supported Woman, we have one goal: transforming women into more confident advocates for themselves, their team, and their legacies.

In person events have the power to activate and impact your staff, community and clients in ways that you’ve never seen before. There is a deep and meaningful experience that comes with hearing a message that is needed alongside your peers - and these events have a lasting effect on individuals and company culture.

As a former professional public speaker (I’ve spoken in front of more than 6,000 audience members and partnered with international organizations!) and a professionally certified life coach, I am passionate about bringing the message of support, vulnerability, and personal power fueled leadership to the masses. Through my signature program The Workshop, I create an oasis of personal development in the middle of the busy workweek.

Laura Weldy custom leadership workshop Nashville
“The women’s group at my company was looking for a speaker to discuss development through the lens of health and wellness and Laura was a perfect fit. Laura led an interactive webinar that involved global participants, focusing on personal growth as professional growth, and it was a major hit. Laura was engaging , ensured the content was relevant to our audience, and kept the presentation conversational. She gave us clear goals and takeaways, including worksheets and resources; our office was abuzz after the presentation with how we would use what we learned. With focus areas like work week burnout, restorative leadership, and avoiding self-sabotage, Laura knows how to speak to issues that matter for young professionals and women in particular.”
— Laura D., Shorelight Education

If you want to inquire about bringing Leap Year to your workplace, fill out the form below. My team will be in touch with what you can expect, a day-of schedule, pricing and even a PDF on how to talk to your management about bringing Leap Year to your office (aka we list out the numbers and research to make this an easy hell yes). We are currently booking dates for Fall of 2019. We look forward to connecting!

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