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I offer coaching in a six month package, with either weekly or biweekly options available. Read on to learn more!

Laura Weldy is a women's life coach based in Nashville, TN. She offers life coaching services for creative millennial women seeking clarity, goal setting and follow through to make their dream job and dream life happen.   Laura Weldy is a women's life coach based in Nashville, TN. She offers life coaching services for creative millennial women seeking clarity, goal setting and follow through to make their dream job and dream life happen. 

you're a born badass. 

Everyone is. Unfortunately, under the pressure of everyday life it's really easy to forget that. 


I've noticed an alarming trend recently. I'm surrounded by incredibly brilliant, badass women who want to be in control of their lives, and are full of ambition. However, instead of harnessing their power and sharing it with the world they stay small, overworking themselves in undervalued and underpaid roles to avoid thinking about the big, scary question:



I've been this woman before. I spent years reacting & doing what I "should" in my career, instead of proactively pursuing the life of my dreams. Why? Because I felt overwhelmed at the idea of identifying my passion. I was paralyzed, and instead of handling my shit I job hopped from retail job to retail job, waiting for someone else to hand me my dream life on a golden platter. I trusted that the universe would provide.

The thing is, it didn't show up. I wasted years in this place of passive acceptance of whatever life threw at me. I learned a ton, and I had some great experiences, but eventually I realized that the universe (or anyone else, for that matter) can't hand us what we don't declare. In other words, unless I figured out WHAT I wanted, I would never find it. Simple, right?

Have you ever asked yourself this question before? What the hell do I actually want? If you're like me, when you sit down to journal on this the page stays frustratingly empty. Oh well, you think. I'll figure it out later. Cue the Netflix. Before you know it, time is flying by and you're still in the dead-end job, no closer to pursuing a passionate life. 

I hear you, babe. 

I've been there!


What if this wasn't the case? What if, when you asked yourself this question the ideas flowed out and filled page after page? Or, what if the singular, shining answer rose to the surface, clear as day?

There aren't shortcuts to this process. It takes time to get honest, try things out and get messy. But it can be fun, empowering and a hell of an adventure. 

Do you ever...

  • feel lost and unsure where to start when it comes to planning for your future?
  • feel unfulfilled, even though you've done everything you were "supposed" to?
  • feel like your big dreams for your life are impossible, or that big dreams are only meant for someone else?
  • feel overwhelmed, exhausted and checked out?
  • doubt whether it's possible to tap into your dreams and desires, for real?
  • feel ashamed and frustrated that you don't know what exactly you want?
  • feel like your life is at the mercy of your finances?
  • crave financial, emotional, and spiritual freedom?

At the end of the day, all of these questions, analysis paralysis and frustration come down to one thing: a lack of clarity. It's time to step up, look your fears and uncertainties right in the eye, and start taking some serious action.

You were born a badass: it's time to remember that. 

What if, instead of uncertain and frustrated, you could:

  • know what you wanted and how you wanted to feel.
  • have the courage to stop doubting and start deciding.
  • ditch paralysis forever and make massive action happen.
  • clearly envision the next 6 months (or 6 years!) of your life.
  • stop agonizing over every choice as the potential 'wrong' one, trusting your own skills and instincts.
  • be proud and excited about the direction of your future!
  • use your passions and skills to fuel your income?
  • channel your natural badass nature to create massive change in your life?

It's not just a remote possibility. all it takes is a commitment to clarity.

If you're ready to commit to clarity, now's the time. 


Step 1: Set up a free consultation with me to discuss weekly or biweekly private coaching, and whether it's a good fit for you now.

Step 2: Start creating the badass life you desire.

What will you walk away with?

  1. An in depth understanding of your unique brand of badassery: the ability to articulate, engage and enchant with your natural talents
  2. Learn how to reframe your doubts, fears or perceived weaknesses so they work for you, not against you
  3. A stronger, bolder voice. Turn from your biggest critic to your biggest champion.
  4. Get clear on what goal setting looks like for you and learn how to masterfully and intuitively set goals that motivate and excite you, rather than terrify.
  5. Identify your vulnerabilities and false self stories. What are you 1000% convinced is true about you or  your life that is holding you back?
  6. With this new understanding in mind, a clear plan for your most impactful year in life, business + badassery. 
  7. Unapologetic self-love and confidence in a world where you need it, more than ever.


don't just take it from me!

Two millennial women laughing and hugging
life coaching customer testimonial

"Laura provided a great balance between affirming me for what I was already doing and challenging me to continue to do more. I always felt supported, heard, and empowered during and after our sessions. Having an advocate like Laura in your corner who is working solely to help you with anything you want/need is something I believe everyone should seek to have. After working with Laura I felt empowered to tackle anything I wanted to go after." 

life coaching customer testimonial

"The biggest takeaway from my session with Laura was that the fears I have are absolutely manageable. If I take a step back, and discover concrete ways to work past the hurdles keeping me from attaining the goals, anything is possible! I don't have to let my fear debilitate me. There is always an action to take to push myself in the right direction, and Laura helped me find ways to discover those actions!

She has the knowledge and the know-how to really help you catapult your life to the next level." 

life coaching customer testimonial

"Working with Laura has encouraged me to make my dreams to come to life. She has been a support in finding the root issues and re-writing my story!"

So what do you say, badass? Fed up with treading water and ready to create something beautiful?

Sign up for your FREE consultation call now, to determine if this program is a good fit.