don't just take it from me.

Watching each of my clients evolve during our time together is what coaching is all about for me. I'm sharing their words here so that you can feel even more confident in choosing to hire a coach for your own transformation  - and to celebrate their successes, because they rock! 



"Before working with Laura, I was afraid I was financially committing to something that was an "extra", and not a "necessity" in my life. But boy, was I wrong! Laura has helped me take all of the clutter of dreams, to-do lists, and obligations swirling around in my head and prioritize, strategize, and ultimately - pursue my dreams! Investing in Laura has meant going from saying "I'd like to be..." to confidently saying "I am".

To anyone hesitant to jump on board with Laura, I say: just do it! Your life, career, and relationships can only improve by working with someone whose only agenda is your own agenda. Your struggles are her struggles, as well as your successes are her successes. It is amazing how implementing small changes in my schedule suggested by Laura has made giant changes - for the better!

The biggest change I've experienced as a result of working with Laura is the pace at which my career is moving upward. When we first started working together, I was guilting myself for pursuing anything that wasn't helping me pay the bills, and the ultimate reason I was freelancing to begin with was getting pushed to the side. Laura has helped me take a step back and get specific with my goals, then jump into making a realistic plan that not only serves those goals, but acknowledges all the other obligations in my life as well."

Feature 1

"The biggest takeaway from my session with Laura was that the fears I have are absolutely manageable. If I take a step back, and discover concrete ways to work past the hurdles keeping me from attaining the goals, anything is possible! I don't have to let my fear debilitate me. There is always an action to take to push myself in the right direction, and Laura helped me find ways to discover those actions!

If you diminish Laura down to her smallest offering, she is an amazing, non-biased sounding board, who's there to help you get to the place you want to go, but are having trouble getting to on your own. But, if I'm giving her the credit she deserves, Laura is so much more than that. She has the knowledge and the know-how to really help you catapult your life to the next level.

Now, I'm able to reduce any worry or fear I have into tangible action. That's a very powerful thing."


Feature 2

"Laura provided a great balance between affirming me for what I was already doing and challenging me to continue to do more.

I always felt supported, heard, and empowered during and after our sessions. Having an advocate like Laura in your corner who is working solely to help you with anything you want/need is something I believe everyone should seek to have.

Seriously. After working with Laura I felt empowered to tackle anything I wanted to go after."


Feature 3

"Working with Laura has encouraged me to make my dreams to come to life. She has be a support in finding the root issues and re-writing my story!

I would recommend coaching with Laura because she hears what you're saying and what you want to be saying. She helps you get to the core of why you are doing something and re-frame your mindset.

I no longer live in a place of what-if and am taking action towards what I want my life to look like!"