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Your level of success will seldom exceed your level of personal development, because success is something you attract by the person you become.
— Jim Rohn

Lasting leaders are cultivated.

I'm committed to changing the leadership game once and for all. Because to me, leadership is about so much more than the outdated corporate models you've been taught (and learned to hate!). You started your creative business because you wanted to play by your own rules when it comes to business - and the same philosophy applies to your personal development! Really.

My work is rooted in the concept of individualized, restorative fueled leadership. I want you to learn how to identify, embrace and cultivate your own natural leadership tendencies, rather than focusing on what you DON’T know. When we learn to embrace our inner self and our own personal development first, we create space to lead as whole individuals - and that this can life up, nourish and encourage the growth of everyone around us. You are the greatest asset to your work - and you need to be willing to prioritize your own growth at the same rate as your businesses’, or you’ll struggle to contain it all.

That’s what restorative leadership is all about. Not about tearing others down, belittling them or putting on some kind of facade to feel “authentic.” Choosing creation over stagnation. Intention over reactivity. Presence over avoidance. Trust over fear, and possibility over limitation.


Who is leadership coaching for?


Don't get me wrong - I think every one of us has a leader inside. But only some of us desire to take on that role and lead with gusto. Leadership coaching with me isn't for everyone - it's designed with the already successful creative entrepreneur in mind. This is not business coaching, HR consulting or sales funnel creation. You've done that, invested there, created that, and because of all your hard work you've built the business of your dreams.

And now? You're wondering when it stopped being fun.

You are finally starting to realize that the missing piece to your satisfaction, confidence and you. It's because you've had to put your business before your own needs for a few seasons to get things up and running and you're proud AF of that. But now it's time to slow down, step back, and spend some intentional development time on your businesses' number one asset, you  - the creative, genius, brilliant, capable, amazing person that somehow fell into the role of CEO/boss/number one decision maker as you pursued your work in the world. You feel tired, a little frantic, and like you're just trying to stay on the hamster wheel that keeps life up and running. Don't worry - this isn't your new norm. Through intentional personal development and leadership cultivation, you can lean into a way of being that builds you and everyone around you up. 

Maybe you want to prepare for your next quantam leap in life and business. Maybe you want to start speaking and appearing as a public face for your brand, and aren't sure how to step into that role because you're scared shitless of owning your power. Maybe you just want to create an intentional experience for your team, clients and message in the world and you're not sure you can do it. You can - and I can help get you there.

Please note: If this isn't you, then leadership coaching might not be the best investment for you at this stage in your business. That doesn't mean I don't want to help - I do! Click here to check out my custom life coaching package to determine if that's a better fit for you, or email me at for help determining the best option for your needs.

What's the investment?

My intuitive leadership development coaching is completely custom to who you are and who you desire to lead as - so there's no cookie cutter formulas or archetypes here. The investment to  build your confidence and ability as a strong leader for your team, your community and your message in the world is $6000. With this investment, you'll have access to on the fly coaching (i.e. a coach in your pocket!), hour long  one on one sessions with me several times a month, my full attention to all of your projects , and ongoing accountability that refuses to let you slip through the cracks and avoid the work. Monthly payment plans are available!

let's do this.

If you're ready to step into your unique manifestation as a leader in the world of creative entrepreneurship, I want to help. Click here to send me a message - and spill your guts! Tell me what you're looking to create, and any questions you have. We'll set up a time to connect and determine if this package is the right fit for you, and I'll get you everything you need to get started now.