lasting leaders are cultivated, not born.

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lIfe coaching for women in creative biz that are ready to lead their own lives, not just follow.

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The Well Supported Woman  is a  leadership mentoring and personal development hub for the creative entrepreneurs who identify as women, who do things their own way, and whose business is booming. You're in the right place if you're ready to take a step back from the demands of the day to do and really focus in on your own development, alongside that of your biz!

I believe that  asking for constructive support in life and business from others  doesn’t make you weak - it’s actually a really smart move. In fact, I believe that learning how to ask for and receive support is the key to unlocking a life you love.


I know you, babe.

You're the hardworking creative who had a vision and made it happen - you've built your creative biz from the ground up, and given it your all. You're seeing wild success, and you've got the systems and the processes in the fuckin' bag. You've built your dream business - and while you should feel head over heels in love with it...something's missing.

You became what I lovingly call the slap-dash-CEO. The role of leader fell into your lap as your biz bloomed, but it's not something you set out to become.

If you're a creative woman that's built a  business that you feel like you're supposed to love - and something isn't clicking...

you're in the right spot.