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FAQ when hiring a life coach

1.    What does a life coach do?

The world of coaching uses a lot of fancy words and mystical sounding phrases and this can be intimidating to people who are new to it. After all, what does a “discovery call” or “limiting stories” even mean? In the simplest of terms, your life coach is a combination of sounding board, accountability partner and strategy. They’re an unbiased outsider who takes on the role of cheerleading your chosen goals, even when you don’t feel like you can uphold them yourself.

Your coach helps you to create some structure and intention around your personal and professional development. As coach, I’m trained in how to help you uncover the things you’re trying to say, write out and work toward manageable goals, and become more conscious of what’s holding you back from achieving those goals. 

 2. What does a session with you entail?

Sessions with me last anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. We begin every session with a recap of the previous session and review of any homework you decided to take on in the time since. This review and accountability of the changes you vowed to make is a huge piece of the transformational puzzle!

After a 5-10 minute recap, I’ll ask you to share your coaching request for the session. Don’t panic – this sounds more intense than it is! A request is a clear ask for support in a specific area of your life. It can be anything from “I need help setting my quarterly goals,” to “I feel really blocked creatively, and would like to come up with some tools to get me unstuck.”

I’ll provide you with check in sheets to do before each session that will help you formulate your request, and we can walk through it together if you’re still feeling foggy. This process of forming and clarifying a request helps you to hone in on what you actually want, and to identify solutions that could help you. One of the lesser realized benefits of coaching is that you get to practice identifying and articulating your needs!

3. How much does this cost?

Your rate will depend upon the package offer that you select. Also, because I want this support to be as accessible as possible, I am able to offer payment plans that fit your capacity to invest.
As of January 2018, my rates are as follows (please note that they are subject to change!):

  • $500 for a two hour intensive session
  • 3 coaching sessions a month for $750/month (this is a four month package, for a total of $3000)
  • 3 sessions a month plus additional in person VIP day in Nashville for $1000 a month

If you’re concerned about pricing, please don’t let that hold you back from setting up a consultation call. We can talk through this together and brainstorm a solution for you – oftentimes money is a major stumbling block that holds us back from making any significant changes in our life. Your happiness is worth more!

4. What’s the ROI?

Coaching is a learning and growing experience. The added self-awareness, focus and accountability will undoubtedly affect your productivity, but it’s about so much more than a financial return on investment.

It’s cliché but true: you’ll get out of coaching what you put in to it. I will be here to help facilitate the progress and keep you accountable, but it’s up to you to do the tough work of personal development. Don’t worry, we have fun too! ;) Consider this an opportunity to fully commit to living your life and your career in alignment with your values and goals. What’s more valuable than that?! 

 5. What is your niche?

If you’ve explored other sites in the coaching industry, you’ll know that coaches love to “niche down,” meaning that they serve a very particular corner of the market. At the end of the day, this niching is little more than marketing – making talking to and connecting with others easier. There’s nothing wrong with that! I’ve chosen to reject the niche game for now.

I call myself a life coach because I believe in a holistic approach to improved wellbeing – and that can rarely be accomplished through hyper focused programming. In my opinion, the more important decision when hiring a coach is not that you know their niche, but that you resonate with them as a person. Finding someone that you resonate with, that makes you feel at ease, and who speaks your (literal and energetic!) language is a must. 

That being said, of course my interests contribute to how I show up as coach. I’m a yogi, a meditation and mindfulness advocate, a productivity and goal setting guru, an entrepreneur, a book nerd addicted to the self-help and fantasy sections, a lover of tarot and crystals, a super practical and fiery Aries/Taurus/Capricorn powerhouse, and a feminist who believes in empowering all. If you want to riff on any of those topics, I’m all ears! 

Still have questions?

  I encourage you to head over to the FAQ section of the International Coaching Federation, here!  They’ve tackled some of the big questions about the industry (including the often asked question about how coaching differs from therapy).

The next step?

Head here to set up a free consultation. We'll hop on the phone or Skype together and analyze exactly where you're at right now. We will put our heads together and figure out if coaching (and my style of coaching in particular) are the right fit for you now! I promise to help you come out of this free call feeling empowered and like you have all the tools needed to move ahead - with me, or with other resources!