custom life coaching

One of my favorite things about coaching is that it's entirely customized - and sometimes, a structured program and approach doesn't give us exactly what we need right now. That's why I want to empower you to design your own coaching program - so you can feel in control, intentional and purposeful every step of the way.

I work with clients for 4 months at a time, with two hour long sessions a month. The investment for custom life coaching is   $3000 (and payment plans and custom add ons are available as desired!). You determine exactly what we will accomplish during our 8 sessions together - and don't worry, I can help you create the plan if you're struggling to articulate exactly what you need!

Need some inspiration? I feel you! Coaching is an incredibly versatile set of tools, so the possibilities are literally limitless when it comes to how coaching can change your life. In my time as coach, I've worked with clients on:

  • Developing deep, true and easy confidence in self through understanding their unique strengths and skill sets objectively

  • Improving communication and management skills with coaching tools

  • Aligning personal and professional values for a better work-life experience

  • Creating and practicing self-care (which is often disguised as a request for better "time management")

  • Overhauling automatic daily practices in favor of complete intentional lifestyle creation - from AM routines to mindful meditation

  • Gaining massive clarity in terms of the goals and feelings they're pursuing in life and business

  • Understanding how they work and show up in the world, and how to hack that to achieve the big. fucking. dream.