Laura Weldy - Women's Life Coach Leadership Coach - Nashville, TN

custom life coaching

One of my favorite things about coaching is that it's entirely customized - ensuring you get exactly what you need, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. That's why I want to empower you to design your own coaching program - so you can feel in control, intentional and purposeful every step of the way.

I work with creative, ambitious women in Nashville and around the world through in person intensives and a select number of high level private coaching opportunities.

Because I’m an ontologically trained coach (aka I want to understand how you’re being in the world, in addition to the things you’re doing), we are here to connect as humans first. I’ve designed these offerings to give you the fullest opportunity to explore who you’re being and what you want to create next.

Click through my two most popular offerings below to learn more!

In Person intensive
aka "the fast track"


Custom prep assignments

4 hours of private coaching

Custom agenda based on your needs

Clear action steps for integration

Follow up email support for one month

Coffee & hangs in a cool Nashville location

Book a call to see if you're a good fit!

biweekly coaching aka
"the well supported way"


The most transformative coaching container I offer, period.

Access to my private treasure trove of resources upon enrollment - worksheets, prep questions, reading lists, etc.

8 hours of high level private coaching

Check off your goals re: mindset, lifestyle design, self-awarness, self-advocacy and trust with my individualized support!

Biweekly one hour sessions via Skype

Clear action steps for integration between sessions

Email & text support throughout!

Book a call to see if you're a good fit!

Need some inspiration? I feel you! Coaching is an incredibly versatile set of tools, so the possibilities are literally limitless when it comes to how coaching can change your life. In my time as coach, I've worked with clients on:

  • Developing deep, true and easy confidence in self through understanding their unique strengths and skill sets objectively

  • Improving communication and management skills with coaching tools

  • Overcoming impostor syndrome & fear to release the creative project they’ve been hiding for years

  • Aligning personal and professional values for a better work-life experience

  • Creating and practicing self-care (which is often disguised as a request for better "time management")

  • Overhauling automatic daily practices in favor of complete intentional lifestyle creation - from AM routines to mindful meditation

  • Gaining massive clarity in terms of the goals and feelings they're pursuing in life and business

  • Becoming stronger public speakers & prepping for difficult interviews and meetings

  • Tapping into their strengths & how to harness those into a career they love, rather than one they tolerate

  • Understanding how they work and show up in the world, and how to hack that to achieve the big. fucking. dream.

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