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5 tips to help introverts hate networking less

Have you read Susan Cain's book Quiet? I'll admit that it's one of the books on my far-too-long list of books waiting to be read, but I'm intrigued by the idea and thankful it exists. I'm a serious introvert, and it seems to be an aspect of my personality that only grows as I age. Or maybe I'm just leaning into it more - either way, it's something I'm much more aware of now than I was five years ago.

Some people are surprised to hear that as a small business owner, a life coach, and a public speaker, I still consider myself introverted. How can that be, when I spend so much of my day talking to people and large groups? Being introverted doesn't mean that I'm shy or awkward, it means that I prefer and crave alone time to process and recharge. I spend a lot of time in my head - thinking, creating, articulating, and dreaming. Being in my head is a natural state of being for me, while sharing those thoughts with the world is a process that requires conscious effort. 

I have zero shame in my introversion game, and I 'm a big proponent of working with your natural tendencies rather than against them. I'm even working on some self-care tips for introverts (coming soon!). However, sometimes it can be helpful to hack our own tendencies, in order to reap specific benefits. 

One of the biggest challenges in being a small business owner and an introvert is mastering the art of networking. And believe me, it's definitely an art! It's also not a playing field only for extroverts: your presence as an introvert at these functions actually elevates the conversation. As Cain mentions in her book, small talk often feels like a death sentence to introverts, which is one reason we can feel incompatible with the concept of networking as a whole. So by mastering how you want to show up and share your ideas, you're contributing to making the entire experience more meaningful and connection focused for everyone. Pretty sweet, right?

These are the 5 tips I use to ensure a powerful experience when I'm prepping for a networking event. 

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